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Default Re: NVidia ION and hdmi sound

Originally Posted by konfu View Post

yes - the revo is directly connected to the TV via HDMI.

What do you mean with "DTS passthrough"? Where should I enable/disable it? At the TV or at the XBMC box?

I don't think my TV can decode DTS - but I'm not sure about this :-(
You should disable it at the XBMC box. I have the same situation with my setup with HDMI directly to the TV and optical SPDIF to my surround receiver. With DTS/DD passthrough enabeled in MythTV the TV gives static noise from HD TV channels with DD sound but normal sound on TV channels with stereo sound. Disabling passthrough gives normal sound from the TV also on HD TV channels with DD sound, but then of course I only get stereo from my surround receiver as well.
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