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Default Ion LE and VDPAU

I've just been looking at the specification of the Samsung N510 laptop I'm thinking of getting; it has ion le graphics rather than ion. Trawling the internet this seems to be a DirectX9 compatible chipset rather than DX10; I guess its a cost-saving issue for windows XP netbooks. Does this have any impact on VDPAU video playback or the 3D capabilities in linux generally? Is the LE supported in the Nvidia drivers, and if so at what version?

I've been using an Acer aspire revo at home as a media pc, and it's outstanding; it'd be nice to be able to download some of the HD video I've recorded in mythtv and play it back on my laptop - without VDPAU this would be impossible, so it's pivotal to my laptop purchasing decision

Cheers in advance
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