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Angry Re: Ex-WoW Players Come In

I spent a couple of years playing WOW and so many things suck in there but suffice it to say. It is going to end badly and be a waste of time and money. Stay out and spend your money on a hobby that has a chance of being fun in the long run.
My biggest objection about WOW is they have designed a time trap and found a way to play on goal oriented goofy rewards and capitalized on peoples worst traits and all the time frustrating players with crappy rules to waste your time flying and waiting for everything. My last day I spoke to another player like me and he also said the champion jousting quest in argent tournament is rediculous it cheats taking your fight out of the ring and then saying stay in the ring and a bunch of other cheating to make trying to win bad enough to hate it and how is that fun?
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