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Soul-Crusher -- get a clue and read the original thread so that you know what the heck you are talking about.

If you read the original thread, you would realize that the bug has been extensively characterized over the past 10 months. We are *way* beyond the stage of this being due to trivial configuration issues such as ultra-DMA or XF86Config file issues. Your naivete here is hilarious -- the troubleshooting we have collectively done makes your suggestions ridiculous.

Your comments on bug prioritization are equally absurd. No one questions the right (and indeed duty) of nVidia to prioritize bug fixes in the way they see fit.

At the same time, their failure to even respond with the most perfunctory of acknowledgements ("such as: thanks for the bug report... it is in our queue... we will investigate it within the next x months) merits my grading them an "F" for Linux customer service.

Your excuse that they are too busy working on "major" bugs like "machines are locking up or not even starting X" makes me wonder whether perhaps an "F" is too generous. Such fatal bugs are almost tantemount to non-existent Linux support. Good Linux support to me means that major bugs are non-existent or rapidly stamped out, leaving an ample support team to address any remaining less fatal bugs (such as the one I identified).

So the grade stands! Stop whining about your bad grade and let's start thinking more constructively about how nVidia can improve its customer service.

The rest of your whining basically reduces to the following self-centered syllogism:
- Many people on this board are clueless about how to configure X
- I never have had any problems with nVidia drivers
- Therefore either you are clueless about configuring X or you have no
right to complain and nVidia has no obligation to even acknowledge your
bug reports.

Here is the link again:
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