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Default Hanns.G 28" Monitor + GTX 260 HDMI = FAIL

Well, I just got back from returning my 28" Hanns.G monitor... not a huge deal, but thought I'd pass on the information for anyone else who may be looking at going to something huge.

Basically, this monitor comes with two hookups... analog VGA and HDMI. I have no intention of running my graphics cards on analog VGA, so I hooked up an DVI-HDMI cable and expected everything to run perfectly well... unfortunately, after the post screen everything went wrong.

After a lot of troubleshooting, it seems that recent nVidia drivers (or hardware, or both) recognize anything plugged into HDMI as an HDTV. As we all know, HDTV's are 16:9. Well this Hanns.G is 16:10. When I reduced the resolution to 1920x1080 it worked (though the proportions were off and it wasn't in its native resolution). I tried making custom resolutions etc... but no go. Eventually I just returned the monitor - no harm done.

Anyway, that's my story, use it as you will I have read there are registry hacks to get the cards to stop forcing HDTV resolutions over HDMI but I can't be assed to worry about that everytime I update drivers and frequently driver updates break these hacks, so for my own sanity, I'll just wait for a DVI alternative or buy an HDTV.
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