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Not sure why you say setting refresh higher than 60Hz is "unwise". From your post, I can understand that it might be unnecessary for most tasks, but what could be "unwise" about it? 60Hz itself is an artificial number tied to AC current and ultimately back to the way the Babylonians constructed their units of time and geometry.

From my understanding of physiology, people can detect frequencies higher than 60Hz in their peripheral vision so that the difference between 60 and 75Hz frame rates could make some difference under some scene conditions.

The bottom line is that both the nVidia card and the LCD monitor I bought claim to support 75Hz rates. I am just trying to get those specs to work.

Your idea of checking under windoze is interesting, though (fortunately) I rarely if ever need to reboot my Linux computer and haven't used Windoze on it in almost 6 months. Maybe someone else can test whether Windoze is delivering a 75Hz frame rate.
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