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Default Re: Hanns.G 28" Monitor + GTX 260 HDMI = FAIL

Originally Posted by Roliath View Post
I run a hannspree 28 inch (basically the same monitor as yours I think, except different stand and more inputs) and I have no problem with my dvi to hdmi cable @ 1920x1200 here.
Maybe it's a Windows 7 thing? I'm running Vista 64 with 2 x 260's, unless your 285's don't have the problem, but I tried everything to get that thing to display and if I went to any resolution that wasn't specifically listed as an HDTV resolution, I got no picture (although the blue light stayed on as if it was an active display, but it was black as if it was out of range). I found other people on the net with issues getting nVidia cards to not failsafe to HDTV when something is connected via HDMI?

I'm also assuming here, since you've got a high end system, that you're running fairly recent drivers? I tested the monitor out on my wife's PC with her 7600 GT and 170 something drivers and it worked no problem. I'm running the most recent WHQL which I think are 191.07?

Lastly, does the 285 have a dedicated HDMI out? I require a DVI-HDMI converter to connect, that could be an issue too?
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