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Default Re: I can't set up dual monitors with TwinView/Xinerama/Separate X

Phewww... This wasn't easy for a first time Linux user. (Even exiting X properly was a challenge, but on the upside I now know what it actually is, let alone exiting, restarting, I can do all... Ok, I can do a few things with X.) Eventually I got to install 190.36, which works fine-ish, thanks for the tip, AaronP!

Two questions though:
1/ In the X server settings I can set the primary monitor resolution to 1920x1200, which I should because its a 24" widescreen monitor. On the identical secondary monitor I can go only up to 1440x900. Why is that?

2/ After I installed the 190.36 driver, I ran an update on my system, lots of staff was installed, and the driver went to kaboom. I ended up reinstalling Ubuntu, running all the updates, and as a last step installing the driver. Now it works fine. But I'm worried to have to run a major update and it would compromise the graphics driver somehow. Is there a proper procedure to update (I run Update Manager) that would avoid all this?

Bottom line, I'm a happy Linux convert, multiple monitors was essential for this, thanks guys!
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