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Originally Posted by Ninjaman09 View Post
Tried the game out, got to level 11. No lag, server queues only in the first few hours. The game looks good and plays well, not quite accustomed to the strange setting and artwork yet but it really is very polished (for the most part). Lack of character customization (gameplay-wise) is a big downside to me, but the combat feels solid so far and most of the quests aren't too bad. Unfortunately the combat controls feel very clunky as is often the case in MMORPGs, but it is not as bad as a game like Conan for example and is still quite playable. My biggest complaints are how incredibly confusing the game is at the moment, and the lack of variety in questing zones (not artwork-wise, but how there is only one questing zone path).

This game has more character customization then any triple a mmo to date. they just patched in sli. Be careful it currently seems that the game has the 2 gig barrier crash.

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
v3rninater, it isn't going to happen in an online multiplayer game. If you just make stuff to easy to do, with minimal people to do it with, everyone will have everything and no one will keep playing.

Also there is a reason for guilds.. and they are Bads. Bads are the bane of pugging and casual play. The only fix to Bads is by making the game so easy, you win just by showing up.

Wow has done a pretty amazing job over the last 5 years to make a superb leveling experience.. and I would be shocked..SHOCKED it aion had anything like it. Aion will start out with tough edges just like every other MMO, but NCsoft has a ton of experience with MMOs now.

My only issue get your wings at level 10, isn't this going to cheapen alot of the experience? While flying is great in wow, I still feel experiencing the land on foot, then by land mounts, THEN flying is what made it so memorable.
It doesnt cheapen the experiance because every 10 levels they throw somthing new into the mix to do with flying.
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