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Default Re: AION: The tower of eternity

Originally Posted by Odral View Post
Tried it got a SM to level 18 and just could not take it anymore, felt like I had done all the quests in the area and ran out other then the group quests which I did not really look into (don't feel the need to be forced to group for advancing) and grinding just bored me within 1 day. I dunno something about the game just does not grasp me and I have played just about evry other MMO out there. Game has been parked for over a week now and not sure when I will be going back if at all.

ah you will have to group in this game, its sort of about grouping especially at the end game. It's like wow on release. If you don't do the group missions your going to barrier out and have to grind a quarter of a level here and there. Unless your a craft nut and harvest nut while you quest.

But if you blitz and stack quests and play it like wow now you will run out of quests. But fear not a quest xp upgrade is on the way. shame you didnt make it to 25 so you could see the abyss.
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