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Default Re: AION: The tower of eternity

I don't get this either. Forced to group? What's the point of playing solo to 50? What would you do afterwards? Roll another char?

I'm lvl 29 now, only got to do NTC twice, first time sadly with no drop, but got staff for PvE for my cleric the second time through. As a first instance I think it's too easy, but if your templar is new to the game and ppl in the group don't know hot use marks or CC it's a good place to learn. Also did Fire Temple when I was only 28 and that was awesome. Challenging, fun and good exp. Of course we were a couple levels early so it might get easier later, but it was the best PvE moment so far.

I was worried, when I read ppl were running out of quests later in the game, but so far, I had no problem. I actually had to abandon some repeatable quests, because I couldn't take more at lvl 28.

The only thing that I have problem with is rifting. I don't know if it's only Asmo problem, but the Morheim rift that opens up the most leads to a place guarded by a high lvl NPC that needs to be killed. I know ppl that are way over 30 and they still haven't finished the Spy quests because of that.
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