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Wink Re: 2405FPW + 6800 Ultra DVI problems

Since it is happening only using the DVI port and not the D-SUB, it is clear that the TMDS encoders on the card are not up to the challenge. That is confirmed by the ability to drive lower resolution(s) w/o a glitch, yet on higher resolutions the chips did not make it. Sometimes. I suspect that a better voltage and some added cooling (using cooper heatsink also shielding) will fix the problem - but it is years after, so the user is probably not around and by the time I assume he already threw out or RMA that card...

Still, it is a nice example of TMDS encoder inability to keep up with high resolutions and refreshrates

PS. can some Linux tools report the TMDS encoder TYPE used on the card? Most prominently are used 164CT64 or 178CT64 Silicon Image chips and I wonder if is not the first that is on the card presend. Also I do wonder what TMDS I have on my card, but on most (if not all) the low-cost ones are the TMDS encoders internal.
Still, a tool that report the TMDS type is worth "every penny" Or information where in the GFX card bios is this information burried it...
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