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Originally Posted by jAkUp View Post
Actually you would be suprised to know that the some cards, including the GTX 260's vary from vendor to vendor. For example, most vendors use a 4 phase power solution on GTX 260, EVGA uses 6.
That's great to know. Thanks for clearing that up jAkUp... unfortunately it's something that they don't seem to advertise too well... or atleast if they do it's not mentioned in most reviews / articles.... does the GTX 285 feature similar power circuitry advancements over competitors?

I usually buy things based on small differences like that. Since the Pentium 4 days I've always shopped for motherboards with more phases in their power solutions (usually Gigabyte / Abit *cry* )... that would definetly sway my video card decision based on what you've told me.

On a slightly un-related note.... does anyone have any first-hand experience with Gainward...? They don't deal in the US since the 5xxx nvidia days but I always wanted to try their cards out... non-refence cooling / pcb always seemed like it would provide some decent benefits.

My bfg shirt is still MUCH more styling than anything you chumps own.
I loved my hand-me-down BFG shirt... I don't think I'd ever buy a card based on that though
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