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Default Re: 190.36: fried the DVI-D port on 9500GT card

I use Linux and my housemate uses Windows and both 8600GTs are different brands with different memory sizes (mine 512, hers 256).

I upgraded to nvidia 64bit beta driver 190.32 from the 185.x stable release last week, I did not reboot my computer to do this, just X.

The drivers functioned well for several days until I was assisting a house mate upgrade her computer. To test some thing I shut down my computer, for the first time since the upgrade, and took out my card to put in the house mates computer. I later put it back in and it booted intermittently (2 or 3 times out of 15)... I assumed that I hadn't grounded myself correctly and I'd discharged on the card, destroying it. That is, however, before I put it back in my house mates computer and it booted flawlessly.

So we swapped cards, I now have her 8600GT and she has my 8600GT.

Her 8600GT in my computer will intermittently not boot while the DVI plugs are connected (e: I wrote this post a week ago, this issue hasn't resurfaced since the initial switch). So I unplug the two monitors and boot before replacing them and the system runs fine. My 8600GT in her computer works without issue. Both cards run games as they did before all of this and pass all graphics tests (dxdiag or glxgears etc).

I'd love to know why this is so...
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