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Default Re: Home Network Question

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
You're connecting the two wireless? 802.11a? b? g? n? Either way, it might just be the connection speed.

I know, even on a wired connection, it can take a bit before any of my computers show up on the network. It wont be immediate like a local hard drive would be... it does take a bit of time.

Might be more of a help if you give us an idea of how long you have to wait?
Yeah that info might be nice, sorry

I mentioned it was a FIOS wireless router so I assumed the reader would think G, but assuming is not a good thing. Both wireless routers I talked about were 802.11g.

I just connected to my wife's system using "RUN \\computername" and it took 17 seconds to connect. Before I retired doing the same thing inside Texas Instruments was very fast, probably around a second.
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