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Default Re: Official Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising Thread

Originally Posted by Jonelo View Post
To me is worse the control in OFP DR, is like a play with a pad , the mouse has a artificial aceleration or is capped to play worse with mouse .

About the graphics ... Well, you killed me with the 8 gb memory affaire . However , you is capable to have a PC capable of running Armed 2 - not like some other people - with 8GB RAM with one 295 and with a i7 but you is unable to use Google to find a solution to the ****ing problem in 30 seconds . Not like you will be able to play the game if you can not use this thing called google.

Here are those screens . Let me know when you are able to put a similar image of OFP DR or even any other game.
First. I dont have a core i7. I've got a 4Ghz Q9550 and a HD5870. Second the controls in ARMA II are too mushy, has the opposite of acceleration.

Third - those are the nice "press release screenshots" before the game was released, because ARMA II looks NOTHING like that when you are actually playing it. I'll post screens and trust me ARMA II does NOT look like that, it never has. About the 8GB thing. The game ran fine for me when I first bought it but it had too many bugs. It must've been before I had 8 GB of ram, because everytime since then I've had the issue with the textures I just figured they had botched up the game even worse since it was already a mess to begin with.
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