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Default Re: Windows 8 and 9 may support 128-bit architecture

Originally Posted by LordJuanlo View Post
I don't see any mainstream 128bit CPU in the near future. What I hope is that Microsoft does not release a 32bit version of Windows 8, they should have done it with 7 damn it
There's still more migration that needs to be done first. Breaking 32-bit support would just break too many things right now. With windows 7, Microsoft is aggressively pushing both IHV's and ISV's to make all of their products either 64-bit, or 64-bit compatible. As soon as the majority of them are on board, it will be safe to drop it.

I think if windows 8 really did take 4 years from now instead of like say 2 years, it would be fair to say that they could drop 32-bit with that release.
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