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Default Re: should I dualboot?

Originally Posted by albokid2468 View Post
Right now I'm dualbooting Vista and XP (both 32)
When Windows 7 comes out, should I do a full system restore, and have Windows 7, or should I dualboot 7 and Vista or 7 and XP. The only reason I had XP was so I could play some games that didn't work with Vista like Far Cry 1 (I got a blue/white colors when I played it). No other reason other than that. So what would you do?
With windows 7, there really is no reason to keep vista. I don't think vista can run anything that 7 can't.

As for what to do with XP, I used to dual boot xp 32 and vista 64. After installing win 7 64 it only took me about 5 days to realize that I really didn't see any need to keep XP either, so I reformatted that partition shortly afterwards. Windows 7 is really really polished.
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