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Default xorg7.4 + nvidia driver: blank tty after killing X or restarting kdm [SOLVED]

Whenever I kill an X server or restart kdm, my vt1-6 text-mode displays become blank.
To be more precise, my first screen (on which the tty normally displays) becomes blank then goes into powersave. My second screen (which should become inactive) displays a few random green squares.

The tty displays are still active and working, they do accept commands typed from the keyboard, but I can't see anything. I can still switch to vt7 which works normally.

I have tried the old hack NVreg_UseVBios=0 but it doesn't change anything.
This is a horrible bug. Makes it impossible to work in text-mode.

I'm using debian squeeze.
My graphics card is a GeForce 9600 GT.

The problem does not occur with the open-source nv drivers.
The problem does not occur with xorg 7.3.

With xorg 7.4, I have this blank tty issue with the nvidia drivers 180.51, 185.18.31, 185.18.36, and the beta driver 190.36. All of them behave the same.

Thanks for your help.
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