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Default Re: Home Network Question

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
You're comparing your *wireless home network* to that of the internal Texas Instruments network?

Bro, I'm pretty sure you're just experiencing the delay natural for a wireless network. Seems like a bit long of a wait, but not completely outlandish. If it were minutes I'd be consered... but just over 15 seconds? Try doing the same thing... but with a wired connection. See how long it takes then. If it's near instant, or at least faster, odds are you're just experiencing the lack-of speed with wireless networks.
Ha... Yeah, it's a network connection. I want both of them to be fast. Of course I wouldn't expect the wireless network to be as fast, but 1 second vs 17 secon'ds seems pretty bad. I didn't think there was that much going on during a simple shared folder connect but I imagine you're right, it's just the slow G network. I wonder how fast it would be if I had a N network instead of the G?

I wish I had two wired units to try out but the only thing I have is two wireless connections and my wired connection to the router to test with.
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