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Default Re: VDPAU and studio levels (16-235) possible?

Originally Posted by jyavenard View Post
So are you going to finish your patch and calculate the magic formula to support eq. when using studio level ?
Check out the vo_gl patch above, it keeps the existing eq.

Edit: thinking about it, if someone goes on the trouble to set proper studio level, it's not too play with changing the eq. settings
Yeah, I think it's more important to just output correct values and calibrate the monitor.

I wasn't sure if the vo_gl eq code is ok with studio levels, so I didn't put it in the vo_vdpau. I don't think their eq really matches what monitor settings usually do.

I'll see if I have time to work on the patches still. The custom matrix stuff would need some work to use common code with vo_gl and it looks like quite a mess - it doesn't even use its own common code everywhere.
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