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Default Re: 2TB+ addressable with Windows 7 x86?

Originally Posted by LydianKnight View Post
Ideally, I would like to avoid the x64 edition (I don't really care about it being more stable or whatever, my video encoding app (TMPGEnc XPress) doesn't work in a 64bit environment and the Flash plug-in doesn't have a 64bit native binary, enough to be a showstopper for me), so I would like to try make it work on 32bit.
Pretty sure tmpgenc xpress uses nvidia CUDA so it doesn't need to muck with the kernel space at all to use acceleration functions, thus it'll run fine in 64-bit even though its a 32-bit binary.

Also flash plugin works fine if you run a 32-bit browser, which tbh I don't think anybody uses 64-bit browsers as there isn't really a need to.
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