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Default Re: Uncharted 2 MP demo is out on PSN

Originally Posted by ATi View Post
LoL by people you mean you?and no I commented because I didn't Feel any input lag...most people wont even feel it 2

go and make a new thread for feedback
Mate, I was only making a comment about people who tend to dismiss these things. My point, if it only bothers a few, its still an issue. Some people just dismiss everything as non-existent until they experience it. End of point.

If you just stated your honest opinion, then I apologise for my response, it shouldn't have been so hostile. Its just that some people do indeed comment to annoy others.


PS. You can be sure that this doesn't bother me either. It was much worse in KZ2, especially as that game had a massive deadzone which made things worse and its an FPS which requires "perfect" aiming controls. I just saw a chance to comment on an issue that bothered many people but was dismissed as non-existent by others...
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