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Default Re: ***Official Uncharted 2 Feedback Thread***

Originally Posted by newparad1gm View Post
Demon's Souls is a little bit too much on the difficult side. I've had to will myself to keep playing after restarting at the beginning of a stage for the umpteenth time. At least I haven't been invaded yet, because I suck and play in soul form most of the time.

I hear Uncharted 2 has good coop. Can't wait to try that out with some friends. Can it be same system coop, or does everybody need to have a separate PS3?
Well you can't be invaded when you're in soul form (you knew that, right?)

I have been invaded plenty of times and it sucks really bad
Originally Posted by Lfctony View Post
I also gave up on Demon's Souls. Too hard for me. I don't have the time, nor the patience for such difficult games...
I didn't give up on it; I finished it lol.

Thanks Mr. Hunt lol
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