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I don't have anything like a Geforce 3 or 2! My card came out when the GeForce 256 was the future of graphics. It is a Diamond Stealth 3 S540, with a S3 Savage 4 chipset. It was the best budget card in the days of the Matrox G400 and the TNT2. I have to replace it now because it is not properly supported and even the hacked drivers don't work with many games, including, most importantly, UT2003 - which means that I will not be able to play Deus Ex 2 or Thief 3. When I play UT2k3 all the health things make BIG triagnles of white light which seriously obstruct my vision and the frame rate.
In other words, the graphics card must go, but am I wasting money buying a 128MB Ti4200 because my CPU will cripple it?
Thanks again
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