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Default Re: GTX 285 and PCI-E 8x....

Originally Posted by $n][pErMan View Post
It might be slightly low... but it's not that far off from where it should be for your setup. My '06 score is in my sig and our systems are pretty compairable... I probably score higher because of my CPU overclock as it looks like you have your video card clocked almost the same as mine. I bet if you ran your CPU at my speeds (as you have the same CPU) you would probably get around the same score. I'd say you are fine.
K that's good to know... I'd like to clock my cpu up a bit but i'm running into serious temp issues when I overvolt... soon as I get a new heatsink I'll be better off.

I took the card out today, it hardly affected performance but I did notice that it went up slightly... I can't really confirm that the 8x pci-e was gimping performance but just to be on the cautious side i'm going to leave it out for now... 8600 GT is pretty underpowered anyway for some physx enabled games
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