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Default Re: Which NVIDIA Graphics Cards can display 2048x2048 ?

Originally Posted by amiga_linux View Post
Funktioniert die Xorg.conf auch für den Analogen Ausgang?
If your video card has a DVI-D output, then it should be possible to get
a VGA signal through a cheap DVI-to->VGA adaptor, but you need to
try it out to be sure (unfortunately, I don't have the necessary equipment
around, right now).

Originally Posted by amiga_linux View Post
Ich habe das selbe Barco MDP-471 2k Square LCD Display mit RGBHV Eingang. Weiss jemand ob das mit 50Ohm an RGB und 75Ohm an H/V Sync mit "Normalen Grafikkarten" funktioniert?
An RGB signal impedance missmatch most typically results in "shadows".
There are ready-to-buy impedance transformers available. Just google for
50:75 impedance transformer.

Originally Posted by amiga_linux View Post
Kann man eine 2048x2048 Auflösung auch mit einer Matrox Parhelia 128MB Grafikkarte unter Linux ansteuern?
I have no practical experience with that product. Per Matrox, the maximum resolution
for the analog output is 2048x1536, but that doesn't necessarily mean a lot, i.e.
for nvidia cards the maximum resolution per output is 2560x1600, but I'm operating
my GTX 260 at 5040x1050 (per output).

Originally Posted by amiga_linux View Post
Laut Hersteller kann die Geforce 9800 GT keine 2048x2048 Auflösung darstellen?
For nvidia cards, it seems like you can program the timing values
(H/V visible, porch, sync and total) from 0 to 32767, so I'm almost
certain it should work. Also, my understanding is that wyvern666
reported success for his nvidia/barco combo, but I don't know
which exact card he used. Details about his setup would interesting.

Originally Posted by amiga_linux View Post
Ist eine 2k Auflösung mit der Geforce auch unter Windows möglich?
It is possible to create "custom resolutions" with the nvidia configuration
tool that comes with the windows driver. However, I never tried that out
myself, so I can't tell for sure ...


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