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Question Request to nVidia - Framebuffer Support with the proprietary driver. SOMEHOW can has?

Any chance nVidia could/would include a kernel framebuffer driver within the proprietary driver/blob?

If not, any chance nVidia would at least hand over the necessary information to use uvesafb to set proper resolutions (I'm a geforce go 6150 user, and I want 1440x900 framebuffer with the blob, and it's not displayed when I scan).

Otherwise, I'd like alternatives. I'd use nouveau, but it's still a bit flaky. The opensource nv driver sucks, and neither of those provide 3d support (well, gallium, but not fully working yet).

I want to have 1440x900 @ 24bit color or better both on my console, and in X.

I don't care how, but I respectfully request nVidia make it happen for all of their cards, or I will cease buying them.


I can understand nVidia not wanting to let out their code for various reasons, but I really think that holding back the specs is draconian and stupid. The propogation of the source code would only end up increasing nVidia sales, as more opensource users would buy nVidia cards.
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