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Default Re: Request to nVidia - Framebuffer Support with the proprietary driver. SOMEHOW can

Originally Posted by gonzo_s View Post
I also subscribe to this. It's been really annoying for ages to be unable to switch on the verbose mode while booting. I'm using Ubuntu (actually it's possible with the fresh Ubuntu install, old kernel and outdated Nvidia driver included). But when I upgrade to the newer kernel and install Nvidia driver manually from here - all I get is a black screen. And, yes, I've tried EVERY possible solution and it's all in vain.

So, Nvidia, PLEASE make it possible to see the console when booting. PLEASE include the kernel framebuffer driver! I'm begging you.

Thank you in advance.
That'd be because they start you out with the opensource nvidia driver. Then you installed the closed source one. Opensource doesn't support 3d, though...amongst many other things.
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