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Default Suggestions for building HTPC & HDTV for friend

Hey all. I'm going to be helping a friend of mine with making a multimedia PC for a friend soon and need to help him pick out a HDTV for his place as well to go with the PC. At the moment, I'm trying to d a bit of preliminary research to find out what direction I should be going. Here's a few questions for now. Note that this PC should be able to play modern games as well. He's not gonna be playing games often at all, but he might play a game or two from time to time and he'd like them to run well.

- LCD vs Plasma vs LED? which one is better
- what exactly is LED? does it just mean LED-backlist LCD? is it worth the extra money?
- 60 Hz vs 120 Hz? I know the TVs are not actually 120 Hz input so is it really worth it
- native display mode? what's it mean. I've seen that term used around here

- ATI vs nVIDIA? which one has better HDTV output/options, which one has better video playback acceleration?
- if I go with AMD, AM2+ mobo or AM3? don't really know what the difference between the two is

For now, my ideas for HDTV are getting him a Sharp or LG 42" 1080p LCD and my ideas for HTPC are to make him a Core i5 or AMD Phenom build, whichever one is better value for the money, with 4GB of DDR3, and an ATI 4850 or 4870 video card or an nVIDIA GTX 260.
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