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Default Re: Suggestions for building HTPC & HDTV for friend

as far as ati vs nvidia is concerned, you probably will do onboard video which is fine.

ati boards with chipset 760-790 only do stereo PCM over HDMI
ati boards with chipset 785 will do either 5.1 or 7.1 PCM over HDMI
nvidia cards with 8200 (amd) or 9300/9400 (intel) will do 7.1 PCM over HDMI

so that is important, i made a mitake of going with 780 board for my HTPC, was considering replacing it for 785 board

as far as AM2+ and AM3 are concerned AM2 is DDR2 and AM3 is DDR3.

most AM2+ are foreward compatible with AM3 chips, but some AMD3 boards are not backwards compatible with AM2+ chips.
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