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Originally posted by puterguy
Sorry to burst your bubble -- but apparantly you don't know how to copy. My link is correct.
Have you even clicked your own link? Mine works in Opera and Konquerer on both Gentoo and Redhat. Yours works in neither.

Oh, but of course actually *testing* your own link is probably above you since you're so l33t huh? Maybe I should send the vB guys 20 "bug" reports and give them an meaningless grade.

Originally posted by puterguy
The html textbox apparantly broke the line there (since spaces are typically where line breaks are put in), but the space is still there.
Your link is broken.

No wonder you are having problems with nVidia drivers. I'm not even going to try to help you anymore, and would be willing to bet that you still haven't turned UDMA on.

I honestly hope a mod sees this thread and deletes it. What a waste of time, I'm on to helping people with *real* problems.
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