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Default Would you like to ask Nvidia a question?

Would you like to ask Nvidia a question?

As a member of the user group along with other user group members I have been responsible for watching trends and delivering feedback to them. I have been trying ((with other user group members)) to get Nvidia to interact more freely in the community.

In An attempt to do this we are now fielding so many questions a week that Nvidia will attempt to respond too. At Nzone me and Amorphous will be going over the questions and trying to get the most prevalent and relevant questions answered.

And Nvidia will be supplying a spot on Nzone ((page is being built)) for the answered questions.

Update: Please post at the Nzone thread. This is important for this to work because I alone will not be cooridinate questions and feedback

Greetings everyone. I would like to take this chance to invite Nvidia customers and enthusiasts to ask Nvidia a question.

1) Is a latest trend or development on your mind?

2) Have a question about Nvidia hardware?

3) Have a question about The Way Its Meant to be played?

Me and Amorphous will be allowing questions that Nvidia will be answering. Please keep in mind that not "all" questions are going to be answered. Me and Amorphous will try and pick and choose the best questions and the most supported subjects. There are of course some limitations on this. We will not be able to field questions regarding unreleased products and products Nvidia does not support. ((Example Radeon Questions)). Also, be wary that if we feel the question has already been answered, we will link you back to the question's answer.

This is an exciting chance for us to help you communicate your questions, concerns, and feedback to Nvidia. It also will help Nvidia have better interaction with the community. Nvidia will be providing a spot to "answer" these questions in the near future. Which will update/amend into this post once its available. We will try to submit 3 to 5 questions a week and if successful Nvidia is committed to continue doing this. The amount of answers received will also depend on the amount of questions asked.

Remember. Me And Amorphous will be closely monitoring this thread. Do not troll in this thread. It will not be allowed.

Final Note: This is not a "Debate" Thread. If you wish to debate the answers that are recieved. Then please do so in another thread. This post is specifically for asking questions and receiving answers. Not Arguing or debating them. You can discuss that how you feel free anywhere in this community or another.

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