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Default Re: Request to nVidia - Framebuffer Support with the proprietary driver. SOMEHOW can

Originally Posted by AaronP
1. An fbdev driver.
Step 1 requires some more research and we're investigating whether it's possible and worth it.
Research is here: (fully working, open source accelerated driver with power management)
Some files are already (C) 2003 Nvidia, Corporation. All rights reserved. So the integration can go faster than I thought.
Yes it is possible. Just do screen init on modprobe nvidia than later on X init when 2D driver is loaded. To preserve current driver behavior fbdev can be an option as module parameter:
e.g. modprobe nvidia fbdev=1
(where default is zero)

Yes. It is worth. When reading bug report you will not have to consider if vesafb is lurking in the background or not. nvidia fbdev is just screen init at modprobe and adding 2D basic acceleration and power management at module level not later X driver.
Probably this is just a matter of moving some code from 2D X driver to nvidia module.
You can reuse the 2D acceleration code later in X.
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