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Default Re: ***Official Uncharted 2 Feedback Thread***

Originally Posted by LurkerLito View Post
I just got this game last night and I went through 11 chapters lol. I couldn't stop playing. It has been a while where I was completely immersed in a game. The only nit pick I have with it is on my system when playing the game and a cut scene comes up it's all out of sync, but when I go to play back the cut scene under the bonus features it is not out of sync. I am playing it in LPCM 7.1 mode so maybe that is the issue but it's amazing that the game offers a full 7.1 audio mode and it uses it well .
Might want to try a diffrent audio option or ajust audio lag if you can. I played over 5.1dts and it sounded great and went with what I was watchin perfect.

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