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Default Red Hat Linux 9 & Geforce 3 t2 driver question

I'm a brand new user of Linux. I just installed Red Hat Linux 9 for my son without a hitch. I installed ALL packages then updated all RPM's with the RHN. I'm using the geforce 3 generic driver. I noticed that the display was a little choppy so I checked out the driver settings and noticed that the 3D hardware acceleration check box was ghosted. I decided that nVidia drivers would do the trick so I went to nVidia's site and found many options, i.e., IA32, IA64, etc. I'm a bit confused as to which drivers I need and for that matter what ALL I'll need to do to enable 3D acceleration.

His system includes:

1) Red Hat Linux 9 (downloaded from
2) All the latest RPM's from the Red Hat Network
3) ASUS AGP-V8200 T2 Deluxe (Geforce 3) video card
4) ASUS A7N8X Deluxe (rev 2.0) Motherboard
5) AMD Athlon XP 1700+ @ 133 FSB
6) 384 Megs of PC-2100 RAM (nForce dual channel mode)
7) Adaptec AHA-2910B SCSI Adapter (for CD-ROMs only)
8) Toshiba SD-M1401 DVD-ROM Drive
9) Yamaha CDR-400t CDR Drive
10) Western Digital WD1200JB HD

I set up his system as a multiboot (BootMagic v8) with includes Windows 98se, Windows XP and Red Hat Linux v9.

While I know that most of this info is not required. Just wanted you to see the full picture.

Thanks in advance,

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