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Talking Time for some people to do some crow eating I guess *cough* DIMA

First, my statement from 8/06:

I'll make my stand here.

The NV28 will have only 66 million transistors.

If I'm wrong, I'll look the fool. If not, I'll give you guys hell.

Therefore, there's simply no way in hell that the NV18 will have 81 million transistors. It will be a DX7 part. Repeat: no chance in hell that it will have more transistors than any current NVIDIA or ATI DX8 card.
And from 8/28:

I may do some serious crow eating (with hot sauce), but my money is still on NV28 = 66 million, NV18 = 31 million.
Now, here's some statements other various members:


We know a few things about the NV28:
1. ~86 million transistors

The NV28 *won't* have 66 million transistors... if it'll have 66 million transistors, it'll be named NV25 and not NV28, even if it got AGP8X.

I know those numbers DIMA, and i still believe that the NV28 *will* have 86 million transistors unless nVidia suddently cancel all their plans, which is VERY unlikely.


For the last time, NV28 will have 86 million transistors, while NV18 will have 81 million transistors!!!

So there u go! NV28 a 86 million transisors part, not 66!, while NV18 is a 81 million transistor part, not 31!!

I'm very sorry to disappoint u, but NV28 is a 86 million transistors part & NV18 is a 81 million transistors part, for proof see my previous post. PERIOD.

Like I noted in my previous post, examination of what? of your pathetic desire for NV18 & NV28 to be what u want? I understand that u want that to happen and I also understand why would u twist the image for your needs, but it's just NOT gonna happen!

For crises sake, it has been CONFIRMED and broadcasted on T.V and people saw it and the numbers were clearly visible there and the CEO repeated them himself during the press conference!
Well... there we have it. There were others of course that sided one way or another, but these two are the most obvious. And, DIMA is the one who really should be eating some serious crow now.

I've yet to see any official transistor counts in the translated reviews (haven't dug that deep) on NV18 and NV28, but since the products are just the GF4 Ti4200 and GF4 MX440 with AGP 8X support (and the MX440 with higher clock speeds and 128MB memory) there seems no further reason for holding out that they will have substantially increased transistor counts.

Mmm... crow is good. Crow is your friend!
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