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Exclamation Twinview, external monitor out of sync on MacBook Pro 5,3

I'm trying to connect to an external monitor from a MacBook Pro 5,3 with a GeForce 9600M GT, with nvidia driver 185.18 on Ubuntu Karmic Koala. I use an official displayport to VGA convertor.

The problem is as folows :the image on screen is very odd, weird colours and lines, except for a small part on the left-side. It seems out of sync? Take a look at , which is a photo of the screen from someone else with the exact same problem I have.

All my attempts to fix it have thus-far been unsuccessful, I tried the options NoEdid, UseEdid, and even tried to explicitly set a modeline.

On my other system, I use this same monitor as primary monitor, without any problems.

I hope someone knows a solution, as I'm running out of options.
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