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Default Re: Windows 8 and 9 may support 128-bit architecture

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Which you yourself just said would be better done on GPUs. And with both AMD and nVidia pushing GPGPU in one form or another... I still cannot see any practical application for a 128 bit CPU.

Unless, of course, GPGPU of any form is a lot farther off than any of us realize. Then as you mentioned the 128-bit CPU could come in handy in a few, incredibly rare, scenarios.
Yep, thats my main point, though honestly, until we start getting machines(usually servers with loads of ram), with hundreds of petabytes of ram, I dont see the jump to 128bit CPUs being needed.
As Vorgus said just above me, the jump to 64bit mainly came because we were starting to approach the 4gb limit with 32bit, HDDs were already many times larger then 4gb, but its because of the way newer filesystems split the drive into addressable sectors.
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