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Default Re: VDPAU and studio levels (16-235) possible?

Originally Posted by Lost Dog View Post
Friday evening I started running .22-RC1. So far so good! A few quirks here and there but nothing that is a showstopper. Overall it's been great.

2009-10-17 15:57:02.272 FilterManager: Failed to load filter 'studio', no such filter exists
(Note the last line).

Any ideas?
It doesn't matter, and currently is kind of "normal"

none of the "vdpauxxx" filters (like vdpauskipchroma) and neither studio, colorspace are real mythtv filters.
It's just a convenient way to pass argument to the VDPAU video renderer. So the VDPAU code sees those arguments, but when it comes to running the real filters, the FilterManager doesn't know those and print an error.

Ideally, you would want the FilterManager to handle those, but that would require a significant change in mythtv architecture.

So you can safely ignore this message.

Note that trunk studio/colorspace options have been made a be more userfriendly.
You cannow use colorspace=auto , colorspace=itu709 or colorspace=itu601 , instead of 0,1,2
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