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Default Re: First to fully max out crysis with well over 60 fps!

Originally Posted by Soetdjuret View Post
Sports is entertaining, watching a benchmark isn't, but being able to max out crysis with visuals not available without it can be entertaining too if you like the kind of games. Ofc he didn't bought those cards only to be able to do crysis benchmarks at highest settings... It's just a fair way of showing that it's possible.

With those cards, you could probably play crysis at 6000x4000 resolution which would mean if that res is supersampled to let's say 1920x1200 it would mean a serious jump in visual quality as the need for AA and AF is gone into oblivion and textures get nearly twice as sharp. That's entertaining for those who like nice graphics, so i have to disagree about your statement above! Guess the guy who made the vid likes realistic and mindblowing graphics, just as it seems.
Each person has their own idea of fun, so yeah, you have a point.
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