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Default Gamma correction in windows 7 (don't trust the built in test!)

Just wanted to point out that the monitor calibration tool in windows 7 isn't terribly accurate when it comes to gamma calibration. The little dot test method it uses is too subjective (no matter where I put the slider, I always ended up with some kind of a dot in the middle - the software leaves it up to you to guess how big or small that dot should be.)

When you adjust the gamma slider, I would normalize (as opposed to maximize) the window size so that you can pull up your web browser side by side with it while you adjust the slider, and use this:

Like the page says, aim for 2.2. The information on there is slightly outdated too btw, as of OSX 10.6 macs now use 2.2 instead of 1.8. If you aren't sure if you nailed it correctly with that one, you can always check it with this one:

IMPORTANT: If you have an LCD screen, make sure your eyes are directly in front of where you are looking when you make the gamma adjustment, while at the same time far away from the screen (squinting helps too.)

Gamma correction is probably the most important yet overlooked aspect of getting accurate colors out of your monitor, and if you have it wrong then you probably have other things wrong too.
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