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Default Re: Gamma correction in windows 7 (don't trust the built in test!)

I also agree. So many people don't even know how to calibrate their gamma, that it's unbelieveable.

I already had those sites bookmarked a long time ago. I also had these in my bookmarks...

Now a lot of people disagree with the gradient bar test method, but if you've used Photoshop, you can open up the ever-so-famous "fruit lady" picture and adjust the output with the info panel (F8) readout. When you mouse over the colors, you get accurate RGB and CMYK information. Prinitng is always CMYK. This method is rarely used anymore as monitors and LCDs have gotten much better over the years, but there's other .tiffs you can use to adjust accurate color as well. Here's the fruit lady page with more info from Adobe for reference. I've been using Photoshop since 2.1, and remember this fondly. But over the years, I've gotten so used to the gamma settings that's always second nature for me when I install new drivers.

With the way mentioned above, you get super-accurate photo color printing as well. Working with $500,000 AGFA machines in the print industry can get pretty costly if none of your monitors are calibrated correctly, lol. Not to mention how pricey a print run can get if some stupid intern or n00b didn't know any better.

"Hey Chuck, the print run was messed up. It's going to cost us another 20K to re-run the print, and it's coming out of your pay."

/me watches gleefully as they start crying.
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