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Default Re: Project: Lan theater.

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis View Post
Not sure I undertand logic of having a LAN setup in your bedroom? I have my entire house wired with cat6 and have two 20 amp circuits in the great room specifically for LANS.
The bedroom should not be a public place unless you are Lazer and the public are there for a MANparty
I could use your LAN desk setup tho. Imagine it larger.

The idea is the desks are setup to watch TV movies while everyone having a computer to play games in a comfortable none cramped area. I have a door going outside from the hallway outside my room. I dont have a big house. So this is a great room for me. Wait tell you see my next rig (the one I sent you the PM about)

Edit: My rooms wired with a 20A and I have a 30A wired under the desks. The idea for this room was to try and have all the wires hidden. Like I said its far from finished.

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