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Default Re: VDPAU error "NNNN 60 5", "NNNN 58 5", and "NNNN 43 5"

This is a note to all users seeing error message "NNNN 60 5", and in particular, users forsgump, Morkl, bluebenno, amok404:

We haven't been able to reproduce your issue. We believe it's a different issue to the others discussed in this thread. The number of people reporting this issue is also much lower, and not growing.

Unfortunately, this means that we will have to close our internal bug that tracks this issue, within the next few days, since we can't investigate an issue that we can't reproduce. The only possibility of preventing this is if we can reproduce the issue. The only practical way for that to happen is for one of the affected users shipping us their GPU for testing. If you're willing to do that, please PM me. Thanks & sorry.
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