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Default are there model numbers for fx5200 cards?

I bought an fx5200 after researching it would fit my mobo and it had the right socket(s) (VGA)...then I get sent the the card, and it has a "DMS-59" interface s-video...just this god-awful DMS-59 which I had never heard of, and looking around the net, seems practically no one else has heard of either

is there a list of fx5200 model numbers somewhere?...if not, how can you tell you're getting the right card?...who the heck ever heard of DMS-59?...I had no idea that meant "no VGA connector unless you buy a special cable" (which I obviously don't want to do)

can't find any model numbers on the nvidia to be some way they should advertise these things if they come with some whacko connector, isn't there?

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