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Default Re: Gamma correction in windows 7 (don't trust the built in test!)

Originally Posted by shilk View Post
Is it only for printing? What kind of monitor is it? CRT, LCD?
No this is mainly for gaming and watching movies, and it's an LCD monitor using a DVI connection. I'll occasionally do picture editing but its very rare and mainly for graphics rather than photos. Just when I see something white, I like it to be really white rather than kinda white. This is past the point where you've adjusted the gamma.

Hard to explain what I am trying to do. Think in terms of how when you change the color temperature, you end up with a more orange looking white on warm, and a more blue looking white on cool. The neutral color looks a bit more green to me on the other hand. I want it to look white rather than green if you get what I am saying, and it is hard to establish a neutral color even if I adjust the RGB offsets in the service menu.
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