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Lightbulb HDMI audio on brand new Nvidia G210 and GT220 models (half success so far)

Hi everyone.

I thought i open up a new thread about this.

I need a little help to get hdmi audio on the new nvidia G210, GT220 cards.

With latest Alsa drivers the audio device of the card is not shown at all, but i was able to patch alsa-driver code to recognize the G210 card's HDMI audio device. It was not easy. I had to boot into Win7 to do it

In Win7 i got 4 (!!!) different hdmi device in the device manager. All 4 devices had the following hardware id:

With this information i made a patch to yesterday's alsa-driver snapshot to enable these HDA and nvidia hw vendor and device ids.I attached the patch.

Now it is showing as card 0, device 3 hdmi device just like MCP7A ones on the motherboards.

The difference is that alsamixer is showing 4 different pcm devices (like in Win7) Maybe it has some hardware mixing capability ?

the main problem is that i can not get audio to sound.

speaker test -Dhw:0,3 -c2

work, but receiver does not give any sound.

Anyone form nvidia can you help to get this working ?
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