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Holy cow!!! Im so blown away.. I got the card today at noon.
The girl from Fed Ex stated that she saw the package was from NewEgg so she thought she would deliver it today instead of the scheduled date of tomorrow. Now thats service!

Popped this puppy in after removing the old drivers.
Only thing I had to do was to move one of my hard drives cause it was right where this long card now resides. That was the only difficulity.

Removed old drivers.. installed card.. installed new drivers...
get blown away....

Im seeing things in games and in dvd movies that Ive never seen before!!
Ill be putting back on games that Ive already compleated such as Serious Sam Second Encounter, Alice, Undying, Red Faction, gosh, a bunch of other ones too just to experience the new visuals.

I thought my system booted quickly before.. it flys now..

Also, for the very first time, Ive overclocked a card. I have this over clocked to 305/690 without a wimper..
If I remember correctly those are close or over the 4600's speeds..
NO problems, no artifacting nothing..

Now, I just have to figure out AA and that other stuff cause Ive never had to use it before!!

Thanks to you all and this thread...
now! to go and do some more installing and patching...
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