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Angry Really getting sick of this...

What is with this double\triple booting crap with Socket 775 boards when overclocking?

I'm in the process of building a gaming system for someone and I bought a nice cooler so I could overclock the E6750 to around 3Ghz but the freaking board won't accept any overclock settings.

It shuts itself off and then reboots and resets everything.

The only progress I made was moving my hard drive and CDROM SATA cables from Sata 0 and Sata 1 to Sata 0 and Sata 2 (making them show up as master 1 and slave 2 in the bios, rather than master 1 and master 2). This at least allowed me to manually set the FSB to the default speed. Before that I couldn't touch anything related to the memory ratio or the FSB, no matter what settings I used. Setting the FSB to "Auto" worked, which set it to 333Mhz. Manually setting it to 333Mhz would cause a double reboot and would reset it back to auto.

After moving the sata plugs I can at least change it but I can't get more than 15-20Mhz out of the FSB before it does the double reboot again.

The board is cheap but it should handle 375Mhz FSB no problem (up from 333). Its a Gigabyte G41M-ES2L and the north bridge heatsink doesn't show any signs of overheating.
The rest of the specs...
XFX Radeon 4870 1Gb
2x2Gb OCZ PC2-6400
Corsair 400W (30A 12v rail... its plenty)
WD Blue 500Gb

I'm having a similar issue on my main system as well. I simply cannot get my system to boot with anything higher than my current overclock. It will just do a double reboot and reset the overclock.

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm really getting pretty pissed off that these things have such obscure problems. I've had this CPU at 3.6Ghz with 450Mhz FSB running on my Gigabyte P35. It runs perfectly fine with all settings set to "auto". I updated the BIOS, I've tried one stick of RAM, I've removed the 4870 (just used onboard), I've unplugged the SATA drives, I've disabled just about everything in the bios that can be disabled (including all onboard devices, all drive controllers, ports, all thermal management settings, multithreading, SMART, usb device support, all USB controllers)... I even unplugged the keyboard immediately after saving the bios settings so that there was literally nothing plugged into the computer other than the monitor. There is no reason that this thing should fail to post (it reboots while the screen is still black before the bios screen shows up) with the FSB set to reasonable level, the CPU underclocked by 300Mhz and the memory underclocked by 50Mhz.

I don't know if this is a gigabyte issue or a Socket 775 issue but I'm really getting sick of this double and triple rebooting crap. I remember having some frustrating memory related problems with my DFI Nforce 4 Ultra board when I was running an Athlon X2 4200+ but I've never seen anything like this where things simply do not work and the solutions are often obscure and don't seem related to anything. For example, moving the SATA plugs allowed me to change my FSB, and for some people disabling USB mouse support in the bios had the same effect.
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